Osiris vs Oblivious ! (1vs1)

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Osiris vs Oblivious ! (1vs1) Empty Osiris vs Oblivious ! (1vs1)

Post  Èarl on Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:58 pm

Yesterday night on god server Osiris and Oblivious made a 1vs1. Oblivious played well, so did Osiris Smile Osiris was telling "I'm shame of Volt" that's not true. Win or lose, you will never be shame of Volt ! Like a Star @ heaven Anyway Oblivious won the game. It was good game Smile

Osiris vs Oblivious ! (1vs1) Osirivsobli

After that match, i played 1vs1 too. Actually it wasn't Razz I started to play with Zang(P.V.N)(It was really easy). Then Osiris joined to help Zang(but it was really hard). Osiris and Zang became spec. Oblivious came. They won the match 8-7 if i don't remember wrong(I couldn't take a screenshot, he left the game so fast)Evil or Very Mad It was good game too Smile Razz

Ty, Earl Smile

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Osiris vs Oblivious ! (1vs1) Empty Re: Osiris vs Oblivious ! (1vs1)

Post  Osiris on Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:10 am

it was a shame earl:P lost my aim that day cya!

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